Tuesday, September 26

Red Brick Theatre bring Pornography to 53two

Red Brick Theatre announces their latest production PORNOGRAPHY by Simon Stephens. The stark and shattering play returns for its first professional UK production since 2009 at Manchester’s 53two from September 26th – 30th 2023 including a captioned performance.

Written in response to London crashing from the euphoria of winning the race to host the 2012 Olympics, into the chaos and reality of the 7/7 bombings. Six stories pulsate through the heart of the city, serving as a countdown to the catastrophic attack.

Red Brick Theatre present a striking new production of Simon Stephens’ (National Theatre, Royal Exchange, Royal Court) fractured portrait of Britain. Directed by Oliver Hurst (BRICKS, The BBC’s First Homosexual, Co-founder of Red Brick Theatre) with video direction by Beck Cooley and movement direction by Matilda Philipson (Co-founder of Red Brick Theatre).

Pornography is a mixed-medium performance utilising live-cinema & pre-recorded media to illustrate eight lives over the week of the London 2012 Olympics announcement, Live 8 & the 7/7 bombings.

Amongst the cast Red Brick Theatre welcome Matthew Heywood (The Book Thief, Beryl & Peter Pan at Octagon Theatre Bolton & Crave at 53two) and Isabel Ford (Spring and Port Wine at Octagon Theatre Bolton & Gangsta Granny at Birmingham Stage Company & UK Tour).

Full cast includes Kim Burnett, Isaac Radmore, Frankie Lipman, George Miller, Imogen Khan & John Joyce-O’Keeffe.

Red Brick Theatre are a collaborative Manchester-based theatre company with a commitment to telling stories in innovative ways through varying mediums of performance. You can look into the company’s previous works at https://redbricktheatre.co.uk/

Tickets are available via Eventbrite HERE.

Captioned performance on Thursday 28th September.