Friday, September 22

Wildcat’s Last Waltz – Front Room at Assembly Rooms

This is a warm hug of a show. The former Wildcat of Sheffield herself invites you in for a cup of tea and as many biscuits as she can convince you to eat as she takes you through a life of ups and downs and losses and regrets. And I do mean she literally invites you in for a tea and feeds you biscuits – the set is a comfortably old fashioned living room that we’d all probably recognise from some older relative’s house, and we are all ushered up to the table to pour a cup of tea and help ourselves to a custard cream as things get going.

It’s a show that moves seamlessly between comedy and tragedy, with the occasional high energy keep fit routine thrown in for good measure. It could perhaps go further in both directions to get closer to something even more cutting and poignant, but there is an important story being told, of loss and grief and what strains or saves relationships, and Joshua Welch’s performance is pitched perfectly to pull in the audience and get everyone along for the ride.

Playing until 26th August,

Reviewer: K J Ewen

Reviewed: 6th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 2 out of 5.