Tuesday, July 5

We’re Queer For It – Unity Theatre

Young Homotopia are here to ask the questions that the LGBTQ+ community have been asking themselves for the longest time.

The show began with the question of ‘should I go to pride?’ which has been a question many of us have asked ourselves and I thought this was really thoughtfully developed. The idea of ‘am I too gay, am I not gay enough, am I the right kind of gay, would I fit in?’ Is still a very real train of thought for people of all ages wondering whether to go to pride.

Many of the methods of addressing stereotypes and the irony of playing out straight stereotypes was a really interesting idea and really entertaining.  The game show idea in particular landed very strongly, I just wish the people delivering it could have stood still.

The topic of the piece is really important, the work was really interestingly devised, and the representation of young queer people in theatre is so important.

Young Homotopia workshopped this piece over a couple of days, which is an outstanding achievement, although I do feel that a little more time could have been spent on some of the basics of acting and directing. The individual acting performances at times were without intention, and the staging was messy throughout, also the use of a basic wash and simple spotlight could have been used to much more effect, unfortunately the spotlight was poorly placed and most of the performance missed it.

I enjoyed the musical element, and the parody of a My Chemical Romance song was really entertaining, and a strong finale for the piece.

Thank you to Young Homotopia and the Unity Theatre for their hospitality this afternoon – keep on producing this vital work.

Reviewer: Andrew Lee

Reviewed: 24th July 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★