Monday, July 22

Together Again – Thespie Online

During lockdown, like most, I’ve been desperately missing all things theatre. So, I took it upon myself to listen to as many new cast albums as I possibly could, and I frankly fell head over heels for the Heathers soundtrack. I love Laurence O’Keefe, as it is, as Legally Blonde reigns supreme in this theatre fans heart. But, during 2020 Heathers was my most played album on Spotify. I loved the UK cast recording; the setup, the voices and the raw emotion that came across in every song. So, when I saw that the UK’s iconic trio were reuniting for a concert, I jumped at the chance to watch it.

The concert opens with the ladies singing ‘One Night Only’ from Dreamgirls and T’Shan took the lead on this. She has such a soulful and sublime voice. The vocal blend in this sound is just stunning. It was the perfect song to open the concert.

The girls have such a genuine friendship, and it shines through in the entirety of the concert. From the little comments after the each other’s solos to stories of their backstage antics during Heathers such as singing ‘Come on Eileen’ to pump themselves up. The concert itself has lovely blend of songs from both musical theatre and some classic pop songs.  I really enjoyed hearing some lesser known musical theatre songs by some of the best musical theatre voices of our generation. The three ladies all have such distinctive qualities to their voices, but they blend impeccably.

Jodie Steele starts the solos singing ‘The Wizard and I’ from Wicked. She tells of her time in the show and this song just shows what an absolute talent she is. Her range and her rasp are unmatched. Her personality shines through when she is performing here and she just seems so bubbly and fun loving.

T’shan Williams has the next solo singing a song from Caroline or Change. A show I’ve never heard the music from before, but her performance of this song captivated me so much that I now want to listen to the whole show and see it as soon as humanly possible. She is so expressive, and her performance of this song is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Sophie Isaacs’ performs ‘I See Stars’ from Mean Girls. A song that I adore, the message of this song is one that we all need to believe. She tells us facts about the show before she sings which was a really lovely addition. The song, the performance and the heart is unreal. Dear casting, for when Mean Girls arrives in the UK, Sophie is the perfect Cady.

The trios they performed were so special. I loved ‘Never Enough.’ The arrangement on these songs was perfection. It was so lovely to hear solo songs performed so differently. The concert ended with the one song from Heathers which is arguably the most iconic of the entire score ‘Candy Score.’ It was so sweet as a viewer watching the three of them just having fun, still loving the song and just being three friends having the time of their live being able to perform together again in these uncertain times.  I’ve come away watching this show with such a feeling of admiration and a sense of girl power that I’ve not felt since I saw the Spice Girls.  If you’re a fan of Heathers or just musicals in general this is the show for you.  My only gripe is it’s not longer!

Reviewer: Leanne Rushton

Reviewed: 16th January 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★