Sunday, June 16

Girl Power – Thespie Online

In this new addition to the streaming website, Thespie, the SEVEN original cast-members of SIX, the West End musical, give some incredible FIVE-star performances. With FOUR glamourous costume changes, the audience is swept through the decades of classic THREE-minute pop songs by female collaborators. Surprisingly, the group has only put on TWO concerts, but it’s clear that this ONE is a hit. Yes, I enjoyed myself creating that countdown introduction. But not as much as I enjoyed watching this show.

Starting off with the Andrews Sisters, (a surprising choice) the show pushes on to the likes of TLC and Little Mix. The concert aims to get the audience dancing along in their living rooms to some female anthems. And it succeeded. Their harmonies are ridiculously good. There’s not one song of the night that doesn’t bring about goosebumps. As someone who regularly listens to the Six soundtrack, it’s good to know that the blend they have isn’t over-produced, it’s all real.

Obviously, the girls know how to own the stage. The power and confidence buzzing around makes it clear why they perform as Queens. What I appreciated is that it didn’t seem like musical theatre performers doing a cabaret. This was a fully formed girl group putting on an intimate concert. The modern pop sound created could rival any band on the market right now, and I’d argue that the flavours that these members brought were better.

It’s so refreshing to see a group working so well, all with their own distinct image and sound. Women of different “shades, shapes and personality” performing together isn’t seen enough in this often image obsessed industry. The girls even spoke about their body positivity along with other subjects in snippet interviews between the songs. Hearing of their experiences, inspirations and friendships gave an insight into the girls’ chemistry.  Their banter-ful interactions were organic and it was nice to see their authentic selves come through.

I have to give a mention to the Cheetah Girls song. Not the most well-known, but a shoutout to the girls of my age who used to learn the dance moves and watch every movie (yes, there were 3!). Where this one appealed to my nostalgia, I’m sure at least one song did the same for every other viewer. Theatregoers, girl group fans, or admirers of the performers themselves; the concert is a feel-good night in for all.

Reviewer: Coral Mourant

Reviewed: 16th January 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★