Wednesday, December 7

The Addams Family – The Alexandra

At last, this spooky and kooky production comes to Birmingham for the week.

Based on the 60’s TV show and various films, this musical brings the creepy family to life in a show full of humour and original songs.

Wednesday Addams has fallen for a “normal” boy, much to her family’s horror. She invites him and his parents for dinner to meet the family, will they get along or will her family and their mysterious game ruin everything.

Although set in New York there is a distinctly Spanish flavour to the show thanks to Gomez and his ancestors. With a Latin beat running through some of the numbers it is hard not to tap your feet to the music. The songs may not stay etched in your memory, but they tell the story and convey the emotions perfectly with each one being a showcase for the singer. The music is luscious and full, the orchestra fill the auditorium with music that deserves to be heard more. There are some big songs that take talent to sing.

Photo: Pamela Raith

Everyone on the stage shone as bright as the moon with stunning vocal and character performances. Dickon Gough with his looming presence and guttural moan was a perfect Lurch, not many people can get laughs just by walking across a stage. Gomez (Cameron Blakely) is deliciously flamboyant and adds a lighter touch to the family as he tries to handle the delicate situation. Fester is not directly involved in the antics of the family but is keen for love to conquer all. The role could be overlooked but Scott Paige makes sure this doesn’t happen, his facial expressions are delightful, and his songs are a joy. He even makes a scene change fun as he dances his way off. Joanne Clifton plays Morticia, most people will know her from Strictly Come Dancing, but her talents reach much further than that. As she glides across the stage and leads her family, she is strong but her devastation at her family keeping secrets from her is palpable. This leads to some powerful singing. Of course, the Tango De Amor with Gomez and the Ancestors is one of the highlights of the evening.  Keep an eye out for the Ancestors, they pop up everywhere adding a little extra interest and their dancing is wonderful.

Overall, this is a very strong production with everything you could want from an evening out, laughs, drama, love and some great music and dancing. There is something here for everyone. While the family are dark (they can’t even say the word yellow) there is humour a plenty from the script, songs and the performances. Grab yourself a ticket for a night of deliciously dark fun that the whole family can enjoy.

The Addams Family continues at The Alexandra Birmingham until Saturday 22nd January 2022,

Reviewer: Annette Nuttall

Reviewed: 18th January 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★