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<strong>Baghdaddy – Royal Court Theatre</strong>

Baghdaddy – Royal Court Theatre

Baghdaddy is a poignant and moving piece that shifts the lens on the indirect survivors of war. The play centres on the daughter-father relationship to provide an unseen perspective on the intergenerational trauma of war. It speaks to many truths - of being mixed heritage/ multilingual, making England home, the immigrant student experience, and witnessing war in one’s home country. The two Qareens and Jinn played by Souad Faress, Hayat Kamille and Noof Ousellam are captivating. Their obtuse costumes, clowning influences and magical aspects create a sanctuary for issues to be dwelled on but not be didactic. The memory of when we are first aware of where we are from. Zeroing on the feeling of a child watching an adult making sense of the war that unfolded kilometres away and bending time...
Chatback Theatre’s If This Is Normal to be<br>published by Methuen as Liverpool date added to<br>the UK Tour

Chatback Theatre’s If This Is Normal to be
published by Methuen as Liverpool date added to
the UK Tour

Chatback Theatre’s coming-of-age hit If This is Normal, will be published by Methuen next month and will be available at all venues during their UK tour this April. The news comes the team announce an exciting new stop at Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre. Critically acclaimed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019 and VAULT Festival in 2020, the show follows a trio of teenagers navigating the no-man’s land between childhood and adulthood, complicated by unfiltered access to technology and pop-feminism. The full cast returns from the previous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and VAULT festival runs with Aoife Smyth as Alex (On Railton Road, Brixton Base; If I Can Get This Part Right At Least, Nottingham Playhouse), Isambard Rawbone as Madani (Midnight Hustle, Rogue Productions/ VAULT Festival, Ha...
Is God Is – Royal Court Theatre

Is God Is – Royal Court Theatre

To say Aleshea Hariss’ new play is a tale of revenge would be a bit reductionist, for it wouldn’t do justice to its innate exploration of abuse and trauma through the lens of its titular character. The story follows 21-year-old twins Anaia and Racine (played by Adelayo Adedayo and Tamara Lawrance respectively) who travel across the South Western belt of the United States on a mission from ‘god’, a self-christened sobriquet for their mother who they believed was dead for the last 18 years. As kids, the twins managed to survive a gruesome fire that had not only brought their ‘god’ a life of gradual decay, but also had shaped their entire life with visible scars they carried, on their bodies and otherwise. They are now on a quest to find their father, seeking 18 year's worth of answers, just...