Monday, April 22

Sleepwalking, by Kenneth Wilson at theSpaceUK

Kenneth Wilson’s new show for @theSpaceUK 2021 races from James Bond to weepy Irish lament (and Bach again).  The music of his cello provokes a poetical commentary, sometimes a lashing-out, to make you wake up and take notice.  Spoiler:  contains a few rude words.

Kenneth’s cello soars and sings, and then swaggers and shouts.  In between it cascades, and laments.  It seems there’s nothing that can’t be said on the cello.  And then there’s his poetry – from his Lonely Heart (“psychosomatic, paranoic, hyperventilatic”) to the man “In the room of women”, and the shot birds that land “thudly in the grass”.  You won’t sleep through this one.

Kenneth Wilson has performed in the UK, in Europe and in South America.  As well as his own show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019, he appeared as an impromptu soloist with the Russian String Orchestra.