Tuesday, July 5

Relive your Twenties at @thespaceUK in January

Follow 21 year-old Hope, as she moves out of her childhood home in Cheshire to the bright lights of London.

Relive your Twenties with a show that promises laughs as well as a refreshingly honest depiction of what it means to be 21 in 2021. Join us as we visit a dinosaur themed bar, a nightclub and some very grubby toilets. Charlotte Anne-Tilley’s apt comedy will leave you feeling nostalgic for those mixed up years when you were still working things out.

From the team that brought you Adolescent in 2018, comes another female-centred comedy that gets to the heart of what it means to be a young northern woman. After a memorable debut at Manchester’s Up The North Festival, this multi-person version of Twenties is returning for Online@theSpaceUK before visiting Edinburgh Fringe this summer as a one-woman comedy.

With an outstanding comic cast, be prepared to chuckle in your desk chairs as you watch this online version from home.

Charlotte Anne-Tilley is an actor-writer who has been producing comedy and drama about growing up in the 21st century since graduating from LAMDA in 2018. Producing increasingly original and honest work, Tilley offers all the excitement and vibrancy we expect from an up-and-coming actor-writer. https://online.thespaceuk.com/season-2

Listings information

Venue: Online@theSpaceUK

Dates: 8th – 31st January, 2021

Length: 30 minutes

Ticket prices: Free

Suitable for 15+.