Tuesday, June 18

Bard Overboard presents: A Global Pandemic Holiday Special

“Wonder World Cruises has a heart-warming corporate message for you in these trying times.  Now they just have to convince the actors and crew members trapped aboard their quarantined vessel to film it.  Watch the mayhem unfold in their final Zoom rehearsal before going on air.”

This is a special online performance from the cast of Bard Overboard, an ensemble farce debuting this August at Fringe 2021.  Bard Overboard follows a group of minimally talented actors working on a themed family cruise ship who learn that a powerful Hollywood agent is onboard and embark on a doomed journey to impress him with a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Bard Overboard is a collaboration between the Extra Credit Ensemble, a group founded by actors and directors at Columbia University, and the producers at Fringe Management.  Fringe Management has produced over fifty successful shows across the US and UK over the past 19 years, including The Pajama Men, This is so NOT about the Simpsons with Harry Shearer, and the Fringe First Award winner, Runt. https://online.thespaceuk.com/season-2

Listings information

Venue: Online@theSpaceUK

Dates: 8th – 31st January 2021

Length: 30 minutes

Ticket prices: Free