Tuesday, July 5

Project Dictator – New Diorama

Project Dictator takes control at the New Diorama exploring totalitarianism through clowning and protest. It looks fairly simple but it’s far from, throwing curveballs at any second. Watch as two enthusiastic performers and their DJ explore the rise of political leaders through art but soon take it to a step too far where there is only one exit.

Award winning company Rhum + Clay take us through a piece that is entrancing, allowing us to revolt against the piece itself but perhaps then question whether that was the right thing to do, or the right person to follow. Both performers begin very excited about what they’re about to share, the writer clutches tightly to their play like it’s their first born. The other who is playing ‘everything else’ questions the energy of the play, that maybe it’s too boring and as an audience with no intention to disagree, we agree. The turn this takes feels sweet as we allow the protesting performer to live out their fantasies however when did we ever stop to question what their fantasies may be?

By the end, the space did feel colder whether it was the inability for us all to move with shock or whether it was regret to be watching this downfall that perhaps we encouraged. Either way, the piece is painfully relevant to the world we live in today and shocking to see how easy it may be to watch a bubbly, sweet idiot be handed complete control and the damage that can be done.

A fantastic piece that is fantastically written, brilliantly performed and if you’re still not sure there is free pizza after every performance.

Playing until 30th April, https://newdiorama.com/whats-on/project-dictator

Reviewer: Alice Rose

Reviewed: 7th April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★