Wednesday, December 6

Musical Theatre under the Stars in Liverpool

At last, a chance to get out and enjoy a good singsong in the centre of Liverpool.

St Luke’s Bombed Out Church at the top of Bold Street is hosting a musical theatre concert on December 17th starting at 7.30pm. Doors open 7.00pm

The event, “Musical Theatre under the Stars” is designed to raise money for the local Fringe Theatre group Make it Write.

The group will use the money to give people on low-income access to playwriting and theatre activities.

“As a performer myself I was keen to get a show going and to help theatres and groups hit by the pandemic”, said Laura Smith, the main driver of the show being arranged by Make it Write.

It could be a chilly night so the team is suggesting that people should dress warm and bring a blanket for the event expected to last about an hour. Also, the Church team will be offering mulled wine to warm the cockles and add to the festive mood.

Tickets, which cost £9.21 (£7.06 concessions), can be bought in advance from Eventbrite at