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Is He Musical? – MP Theatricals

In 2022, as much as we’d like to think we’re inclusive, there’s a lot of people who still aren’t, but to put it in perspective; compared to 90 years ago we have come a long way.

Is he musical? Is the story of Laurence and Wilfred who are involved in a series of wonderful and indulgent nights across London’s west end, at the back end of 1933. However, because Laurence, Wilfred and their friends are gay, these evenings are held in secret. How long can this go on? Will they be found out?

Jude Taylor’s (he/him) musical comedy takes us on a journey, not only back in time, but also a journey of emotions. We live the highs and lows with Laurence and Wilfred and experience their emotions too. The book on the whole, is good, but with a bit more work, it could be a truly great piece of theatre. Barry O’Reilly (he/him) and Teddy Hinde (they/them) tackle the lead roles really well and Hinde is so charismatic, making us want to find as much out about Wilfred as we can.

The set was simple, yet clever, with clear indication where each scene was meant to be set. Set designer Ana Webb-Sanchez (she/her) had a clear vision and it came across well. Further mentions should go to Matt Powell (they/he/she) for their direction of the piece and Francesca French (she/her) for musical direction. Without them, it wouldn’t have felt cohesive and flowed as well as it did.

Unfortunately, due to storm Eunice, the Friday night live performance and livestream was unable to go ahead, but luckily we were able to view the Thursday night stream. This is a piece that should be viewed by the masses and hopefully it will be refined and grow into a piece that will truly stand the test of time.

Catch it on demand from 20th February – 6th March on at the Leicester Curve on 23rd February or at The Other Palace on 25th – 26th February.

Reviewer: Jenn McKean

Reviewed: 18th February 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★