Saturday, December 9

Hey Bunny Get Loose – Liverpool’s Royal Court

A new play from the royal court theatre in the studio took place last night. Written by Wendy Dickinson, the play sees 30 something Gemma trying to write a blog. Her life has taken a bit of a downward turn. Her marriage is on ice and has unexpectedly been thrown in to caring for 3 rabbits Trent (Alexander Arnold), Mo (Salah) and Firmino. The show has occasional flashbacks in Gemma’s life that led her to this point in the present day. Her blog begins to take off and reaches the national press including the one show as people online want to know everything about her and her buns (bunnies) as well as Trent. Gemma was never one for children at least until Firmino (Robert Firmino) had a litter of bunnies.

The show was full of comedy lines and indeed perfect comedy timing. But it also had a deeper message. No one really talks anymore. We are all busy tweeting, vlogging, blogging and tic toking to notice what’s happening around us. There is an irony that I’m also writing this review online. We need to take a step back and see what’s going on because we never know what others may need. Sometimes it’s about just having a chat or being there. Gemma’s neighbour needed help, but Gemma couldn’t be there because of her blog taking priority. If only we could put our phones down and just chat like we used to.

Photo: Liverpool’s Royal Court

This comedy is a must see and also holds a poignant message that we can all learn from. Don’t miss out.

This show was well cast with some old and new faces of the royal court. Starring Sinead Cullen-Barrett, Kieran Foster, Julie Glover, Shaun Mason, Debra Redcliffe and Angela Simms. As always, the theatre is promoting local talent and local writers. Who needs a west end when we have the royal?

I will say though that while the visuals and sound effects were great. They were too loud and went right through me. For most of the show I had to put my ear defenders on and even then it felt too loud. I also think it would work as a one act show as opposed to two 40 min halves as it was just getting going then all of a sudden there was an interval. That said it was hard to find faults other than turning the volume down.

Until 28th May,

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 12th May 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★