Tuesday, July 16

Fabulous Creatures – Arcola Theatre

“We used to kill, but now we cabaret!” “Fabulous Creatures,” written by Quentin Beroud and Emily Louizou, showcases creatures of Greek mythology in a captivating and unique setting. The story begins in a cabaret club where the monstresses welcome and seduce the audience members with their enchanting songs.

The trio at the heart of the show includes Scylla, Charybdis, and a Siren. The narrative interweaves various Greek myths, mentioning a range of other creatures and Gods. The music, enticing from the start, features a variety of styles from ballads to disco pop and even rap, effectively moving the story along. Jazz Jenkins, who plays the Siren, particularly stands out with a stunning singing voice.

The performance is set in one act and progresses quickly, transitioning from the cabaret setting to the realm of murder. Scylla, the sea monster played by Kate Newman, adorned the many hairs of heads dangling from her body, vividly recounts her kills and how she collected the heads she displays.

Photo: Sophie Giddens

Even with a gripping storyline, the script does includes several lengthy monologues that struggle to maintain the audience’s attention. While these speeches provide background and depth to the characters’ distress, they often feel overly long.

Despite the small set, the actors utilise the space well. Charybdis, the cabaret host played by Hannah Van Der Westhuysen, effectively engages with the audience throughout the performance and weaves her way through the crowd.

The show emphasizes themes of sisterhood, empowerment, and protecting women from harm. It begins with humour, cheesy dances, and puns but it quickly shifts to a darker, more serious tone.

“Fabulous Creatures” is an enjoyable one-time show. While the performances and songs are entertaining, they are not particularly memorable, and the long monologues tend to drag. As a unique option for a night out, the show is good, but ultimately, it does seem to lack having a lasting impact.

Running until 15th June, www.arcolatheatre.com

Reviewer: Zain Russell

Reviewed: 28th May 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 2 out of 5.