Sunday, December 3

Eggstraction – Presented by Morpheus

In a world where ‘zoom fatigue’ is a real thing, Morpheus have pulled off the impossible: You Want More.

Eggstraction is unlike any other immersive show, for it invites you to see the invisible, and with your team, make your thoughts a reality. If that all sounds a bit weird, remember the power of imagination. With Morpheus as your creative guide, you too will see and act in ways you’d never imagine sat behind a computer.  

So, what is it you’re doing?

With a small group of other participants (all of whom you briefly see and speak to in the beginning before donning a blindfold), you are testing the security at the billionaire, Frederick Hampton’s, museum. The quest is to use whatever means possible to break into the building and steal his new treasure, one of the fabulous lost Faberge eggs of the Romanov Empire. Like all good challenges, you’re not the only ones after the prize. With the master criminal, ‘The Easter Bunny’, hot on your trail, you need to act quick if you’re to succeed.

The creative genius behind this show is that Morpheus are at once both centre and back stage. Morpheus in its omnipresent role of the games master, acts as mentor, guide, but never takes over. And it is truly magical how just minutes in, any awkwardness is replaced by an overwhelming sense of urgency and purpose. The team bonds and the adventure begins – and how that adventure unfolds – will depend every time on what the team decides, what they ask, how they act.

To have created such an adventure game takes the most unbelievable skill and excruciating attention to detail. This demands not only exceptional scriptwriting and acting, but also improvisation skills to the nth degree to pull it off successfully. Morpheus have gone beyond what anyone would ever expect of a ‘zoom game’, it is a work of creative genius – and so much fun!

Reviewer: Samantha Collett

Reviewed: 25th March 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★ 

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15th – 20th June 2021 – Click image for tickets