Thursday, November 30

Death Drop – The Lowry

Crooked guests, a cold-blooded killer and…Crispy Pancakes? Still hot from a West End run, Death Drop sashays into The Lowry for an evening of murder and mystery with a delightfully chaotic drag twist.

The eccentric Lady von Fistenburg (Vinegar Strokes/Daniel Jacob) has invited several equally-madcap guests to a dinner honouring the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana and Prince Charles on Tuck Island. Before these strangers can work out exactly why their presence has been requested, though, they begin to meet grisly fates- one by one.

Holly Stars’ killer script is stuffed with kitchen sink comedy and laugh-out-loud Northern humour that guarantees a trolley full of laughs: from Lambrini to Club biscuits, the jokes are punchy, contemporary and regularly redelivered to even further comic effect.

Though Stars well and truly shines playing the three Bottomley Sisters, it’s the Drag Kings who totally slay in this piece. Georgia Frost and Richard Energy play Phil Maker and Rich Whiteman respectively, and both their lines land with a bang every single time. They don’t just challenge heteronormativity- Frost and Energy grab it by the neck and string it up by its balls for everyone to laugh at.

West End regular Vinegar Strokes lends her impressive vocals to the songs, and though perhaps a little one-note in the high-maintenance diva role of Shazza, Willam entertains with her ‘Oopsie Whoopsie’ number.

Some of the gags became a little repetitive in the second act, namely during some uncreative tongue twisters. However, the deliberate faux pas and physical humour made for an amusing pastiche of Mischief Theatre’s Goes Wrong plays.

Justin Williams’ salmon-tinted set is a felicitous portrayal of a campy yet sinister-looking manor, and Isobel Pellow’s costumes complement each character’s clear-cut personality.

For those who like their murder served in six-inch, rhinestone-studded heels with a side of potato waffles, Death Drop is a must-watch.

Death Drop continues at The Lowry in Salford until the 16th October with tickets available from

Reviewer: Scot Cunningham

Reviewed: 13th October 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★