Tuesday, June 18

David Bowie and Me – Traverse Theatre

Beg, steal or borrow to see this one, it’s an absolute banger!

Now nearing the end of his UK wide tour, the laconic Scots Squad Chief, Jack Docherty, is a man who has found his stride, and his voice. And why not, when you have a script this good to deliver.

Funny, heroic, nostalgic, musical, Parrallel Lives always aspires to keep it real and delivers on multiple levels, whipping the audience to belly aching laughter one minute and wiping away real tears the next as Docherty takes us on a whistle stop trip back in time to his 13-year-old self, and his joint first loves, Eleanor Mackie and David Bowie.

We are transported back to the 70’s, to a time when Jack’s best friend Mark would sit cross-legged in the school playground, carefully placing pebbles around himself and playing with his pet earwig, with never a mention of the word spectrum. A time when bullying was part of the school curriculum and porn was a revered postage stamp image of a naked woman found behind the chip shop.

13-year-old Docherty is equally brilliant whether anthropomorphising his recently animated little pal down under or explaining in meticulous detail the planned raid on Mrs Scobies sweet shop in search of the hallowed ‘Ziggy’ sticker card. Veering into the future and down a darker ally, he laments the downside of taking that second tab of acid (it’s not like drinking a second bottle of Negroni!) at his fourth Bowie concert.

We are transported by a brilliantly choreographed audio / visual display which pulses and beats into life and drives the show along at a fine pace. Music and video bring Bowie back to vibrant life to team up with Docherty on stage, for one final time. With some unexpected detours and the final dénouement, no spoilers here, this is a show with heart, soul and near perfect timing. Laugh, cry. A thing of beauty, beautifully delivered.

Finishing his tour in Stirling, Inverness, Perth and Cove. Catch Jack if you can!


Reviewer: Greg Holstead

Reviewed: 16th May 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.