Thursday, July 25

Babies: The Musical – The Other Palace

After a rise in teenage pregnancies a school sex education department felt compelled to act and educate their year 11 students by rolling out a 5-day project in which the students were given their own baby to ‘parent’. Let the mayhem begin.

Babies is a new (born) rock fuelled musical featuring nine, year 11 classmates who whilst living through their own personal life challenges, of being teenagers and self-discovery dealing with interrelations not only with their families lives but with each other had the task of being responsible for someone else, a baby! The story follows each character and their personal journey and tribulations of comparisons, judgements and relationships. It is funny, energetic and uplifting peppered with real serious moments of challenges they face day to day. Right from the start of the show you are hooked in, the music, the lyrics, the characters captivate you with their individuality and portrayal of stereotypical personalities and you feel personally invested in each and every one of them.

Photo: Matt Crockett

The score featured many songs that could be anthems of the future, ‘Hot Dad’ ‘Baby Baby Baby’ and many more which resonated with the audience who were singing along and enjoying the individual actor’s performance. The songs are catchy, and you walk away with the words and sounds rolling around in your head. Four of the tracks have been streamed over 100,000 times so this is telling.  The ‘baby’ is the conduit, the glue that unleashes the story lines, very clever and innovative especially touching upon real life experiences some teenagers may find themselves in. This dynamic production enabled each character to have their moment and their own space, with flow and ease; executed perfectly and eloquently by the actors. The cast appeared to be enjoying themselves which always elevates a performance. The lighting was bright and vibrant the staging was simplistic to resemble locker rooms and outdoor spaces, what was evident, the storylines were so powerful and engaging that this staging was enough! The set changes were smooth as the actors moved objects around the stage, not distracting at all from the core messages of the story. It didn’t create any silent moments, or awkward moves which is so important to the visual experience.   

Geelan & Godfrey have created a hit here with Babies and its appeal I am sure would reach audiences across the country. People who have children can relate to the struggles of parenting and having teenagers. Insights for people without children, the teenagers no doubt will engage as they possibly recognise themselves within the characters. You leave wanting more, which is a true testament to the writing, music and all the creatives who have put this musical together. Babies, hits the funny, is a delight to not only watch but you will be entertained.

The Book and Directed by Martha Geelan  

Music & Lyrics by Jack Godfrey with Joe Beighton Orchestrations Vocal arrangements & Music Supervisor

Choreographed by Alexzandra Sarmiento

Jasmine Swan Set & Costume Designer

Running time 2hrs with an interval    

Reviewer: Michelle Knight

Reviewed: 12th June 2024  

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.