Tuesday, June 18

We Will Rock You – Wolverhampton Grand

Calling all rock theatricals, We Will Rock You has stomped its way down to the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre.

In light of its 20th anniversary, Ben Elton is back at the helm directing. Whilst this musical has always seemed a little farcical due to the science fiction setting on the now renamed iPlanet it’s still a firm favourite for many who were a fan of the iconic band, Queen. The show’s story follows two rebels, Galileo and Scaramouche who fight against the oppressive ways of the regime to bring back the much-loved and forgotten rock and roll era.

There was audible laughter from the audience throughout the show as the musical was effortlessly funny and there were plenty of comedic moments peppered throughout. The cast spouted lyrics that ranged from Gangnam Style to reciting the lyrics from pop icon Britney Spears. The clever references to pop culture old and new meant there was something for everybody to relate to. It was a relevant and modern spin on a musical accounting for the diverse society of today. Modernising this production has allowed the nonsensical plot to seem slightly more plausible, creating a futuristic yet relatable world.

Credit: Johan Persson

What makes this musical stand out is the stellar voices of the cast. Their vocal ranges are incredible, and the main cast are powerhouses. This musical manages to weave 24 of Queen’s hits into it, they are expertly sung and accompanied by an incredible live rock band. It’s an immersive experience and you feel like you are at a concert celebrating the music of Queen. A special mention must go to Jenny O’Leary who played the role of Killer Queen whose vocal performance was captivating. She took ownership of the songs and performed them with such emotion.

The costume and wigs department stepped up and delivered some incredible outfits that had an intergalactic feel. They were daring and edgy, reminiscent of Queen’s bold fashion choices. Throughout the show, there are references to Freddie himself by way of the costumes. With his trademark light jeans, darker in the show and grey vest now white, the iconic yellow biker jacket is also revamped into a black and red one.

We Will Rock You is undeniably a feel-good musical that brings together all of Queen’s brilliant hits. You will not be disappointed hearing songs such as The Show Must Go On, Somebody to love, and of course, Bohemian Rhapsody. They are brought to life by new voices and it’s arguably a much better and more entertaining way to enjoy the music than just the usual tribute bands.

We Will Rock You continues at the Grand Theatre in Wolverhampton until the 28th of May. Tickets are available at the following link https://www.grandtheatre.co.uk/whats-on/we-will-rock-you/

Reviewer: Priya Gupta

Reviewed: 23rd May 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★