Saturday, January 28

Vice Versa – Unity Theatre

The Unity Theatre tonight Host ‘Vice Versa’ by Dorcas Seb. As the audience gathered in this quaint theatre, it was clear by the volume of the crowd that there was some excitement in the air to see this modern piece of theatre.

We are welcomed into the auditorium where Dorcas is already performing, moving robotically around the stage in immaculate stylised movements. When the show begins, we soon see why Dorcas Seb can be described as a ‘multi-disciplinary artist’ as her talents unfold through acting, movement, song, poetry and lots more. She has created something very unique with this production which is a one-woman, one act performance.

The story takes us into the cyber world, and we are fully immersed thanks to the fantastic auditory and light stimulation within this production. Dorcas plays multiple characters as we watch Xella embark on a journey of consciousness. Different sounds, digital visuals and movements are used to illustrate the narrative across the 60-minute performance. Complex, clever and imaginative graphics are used to support transitions and journeys and create a very futuristic ambiance. The production was very slick with credit to the technical team in particular for creating something very interesting and entertaining.

Dorcas’s talent knows no limits with her use of dance, voice, expression and body language being no less than exceptional. She sings beautifully and adds more mood and modern touches with her rapping skills. The memory for her dialogue and unwavering professionalism was something to admire.

The take home message is key to ‘Vice Versa’. It gives the audience an opportunity to consider the extent to which we’re complicit in a world submersed in technology and social media. The show is quite overwhelming, and it took some time before the meanings all became apparent. The world that has been created in ‘Vice Versa’ is so abstract that it was sometimes difficult to fully concentrate and follow. There was so much going on, with new vocabulary swiftly spoken within lengthy dialogue – it was a lot to take in! This could be seen as ironic, or possibly the whole point, since the show focuses on our lack of thinking and our inability to ‘unplug’ in this modern cyber world.

Congratulations to Dorcas Seb for this fascinating and stimulating slice of entertainment. A very hypnotic show which will certainly have you thinking the next time you wake up and pick up your phone!

Reviewer: Bláthíne Maguire

Reviewed: 8th July 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★