Friday, December 1

Turn Your Home Into a Half-Term Theatre

A brilliant way to keep the children entertained (and give parents a welcome break!) is to give them a free trip to the theatre with Scenesaver’s wonderful online selection of shows and print off theatre tickets.

There’s a huge choice for all ages. Pick your shows and turn your home into a theatre. The children can get dressed up for the treat, if you’ve some popcorn or ice cream for the interval even better, and at the appointed time, lower the blinds, let them sit down in front of the TV or laptop, turn on Scenesaver, turn off the lights and relax!

Scenesaver is a great way to introduce children to the magic of theatre and to encourage them to use their imaginations. There is drama, puppetry, magic, circus and a whole host of different theatrical experiences from just 10 minutes to two hours long, including shows with subtitles and a special signed performance for children with learning difficulties.

It costs nothing to watch the performances but users are asked, if they can, to pay a ticket price donation and all this money is given to the theatre companies.