Tuesday, October 3

Tim Murray is Witches – Underbelly, Bristo Square

I am a sucker for something silly.

And when 6 ft 2 Tim Murray, dressed in a 5 ft long black wig, knee-high heeled boots, clawed and waggling latex gloves, glittering cape and full green Elphaba makeup hits the stage with a devastatingly brilliant opening number, I know I am in for one of those Edinburgh Fringe hours that make the trip worthwhile.

Tim is a comedian, writer and actor from LA who has hopped on his broomstick across the seas to bring to his brand-new show to the Fringe- and thank Hecate he did.

Tim oozes an unteachable stage presence; with KNOCK OUT vocals, an easy charm and an infectious delight, which seeps out of his witchy fingertips (along with heaps of green confetti) and fills the room.

Whisking on us on a journey through his formative years the show is punctuated with hilarious and masterfully crafted musical numbers; Personal highlights being ‘Dillamond’s Lament’ (Exploring often forgotten ‘Wicked’ character Doctor Dillamond’s true nature, in full goat mask, naturally) and upbeat 90’s rap banger ‘I hate kids’.

As Murray happily bops in circles around the stage whipping his long black plait, revealing his many costume changes, chugging from his colossal water bottle and comfortably engaging with eager audience members you realise you are in the presence of a true natural born entertainer.

Murray has funny bones, his every unplanned giggle and quip leaves us beaming. There is no doubt he is having a complete BLAST up there and the feeling is mutual.

The show skilfully dances between carefully weaved tales of growing up as a queer person in a less progressive time and town with an ode to his favourite witches of pop culture- Hocus Pocus, The Craft, Idina, Sabrina- They’re all in there- Along with an interactive ‘guess the Elphaba’ quiz and an improvised witch ballad (because why wouldn’t there be?).

Murray speaks of his longing to be a witch as a child, a dream which I’m sure many of us shared- to have power to fight back against the bullies, to be able to sit at the girls table, to belong to a coven… It is clear that Murray has found his coven here and we are all invited.

In these 60 magical minutes Murray demonstrates his true power; to conjure pure unadulterated joy into a room and leave gays, girls, warlocks and weirdos alike dancing into the night, clawed green hand in hand.

This show is green, gay and F*CKING GREAT. What are you waiting for witches?

Reviewer: Rita Bryce

Reviewed: 5th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.