Sunday, September 24

Tick Tick … Boom! – St Mary’s Creative Space, Chester

This is the first Productions from Disley Theatrical Productions (the brain child of Luke Disley) and what a show to open with. Tick Tick…Boom! is a Semi-autobiographical musical of writer, Jonathan Larson. It follows the story of Jon who lives in New York in 1990. As he approached his 30th birthday, he begins to question his life choices and career path to be part of the performing arts.

Larson began performing this piece as solo work in 1990, but after his death in 1996, it was revamped by Playwright, David Auburn, as a Three actor piece.

Tick Tick…Boom! Include incredible songs including 30/90, Therapy and the glorious Louder Than Words.

The cast is made up of three fantastic performers, Phil Cross as Jon, Ceri-Lyn Cissone-Hunter as Susan and others and Calum Craine as Michael and others. Cross completely owns this role, throwing everything into it and delivering an incredibly polished performance with so much heart and emotion. The delivery of 30/90 is perfect with so much passion and power and Therapy was so very cleverly interpreted with the characters literally getting tied up by it all. That must have been a tough piece to put together but was made to look so simple and effective. Cissone-Hunter and Craine were fantastic playing so many small roles as well as two main characters and were able to change characters within seconds, delivering them so well. The level of talent on stage tonight was mind blowing.

The set was simple, enclosed in a “black box” with scaffolding across the back which added an extra level and a piano and two chairs. The use of this put together was genius, the way everything became multi-functional was impressive.

Direction and musical direction from Simon Phillips. The work Phillips had put in combining the role of director and MD is second to none and that hard work absolutely showed in this wonderful production. And he also conducted and played as part of the incredible four-piece band, who sounded perfect the whole way through. The sound for this production was incredible, everything was clear and precise.

Lighting was designed by Oliver Hynds and I have to say the lighting was phenomenal from beginning to end elevating an already fantastic piece to a masterpiece.

A huge well done to everyone at Disley Theatrical Productions for such an entertaining evening and for delivering this absolute piece of perfection.

Running at St Mary’s Creative Space, Chester until Saturday 29th July including a matinee on the Saturday. Tickets available at

Reviewer: Damian Riverol

Reviewed: 27th July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.