Friday, February 23

The Return of Sherlock Holmes – theSpace @ Surgeons Hall

Sherlock Holmes (Nigel Miles-Thomas) the world famous detective and his partner in crime Watson (Michael Roy Andrew) are at it again but this time it’s Watson who comes across the clues. It’s been three years since Sherlock’s believed demise at the hands of arch nemesis Moriarty and Watson finds himself lost. Returning to Baker Street to wander the old flat Watson find a letter addressed to himself from a strange source warning him of a murder that just so happens to be in the paper that day.

Andrew plays of the role of Watson tremendously, a man in grief who still possesses the curiosity of a detective but displaying himself as a nervous mouse of a man. His comedic timing is on point, and he never misses a beat.

Nigel-Thomas is impeccable as the famous detective carrying Sherlock’s brilliance and wildly intelligent mind effortlessly. He does not stray from the fact that Holmes is a difficult man with an intense sense of self-worth but succeeds in showing the eccentric and funny side of the character.

There is like any Sherlock tale a mystery to be solved and it is so cleverly delivered but the mystery is not the main plot point of this play. The relationship between the characters is the best part of the whole production, the dynamic between these two men is extraordinary and really does bring to life the characters we all know so well: Watson’s adoration and respect for Holmes and Sherlock’s unspoken love for his friend Watson despite his inability to show it like most would.

This is a stellar piece of theatre and so well acted. I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes or not. It’s funny, it’s sweet and very cleaver!

The Return of Sherlock Holmes plays from the 5th-27th august (excluding the 14th) every day at 3:15pm at Surgeons Hall.

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Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewer: 11th August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★