Saturday, December 9

S-ex-iety – The French Institute in Scotland

Actress Missy has accidentally featured in a professional porn film, much to her disgust. Her flatmates do not understand her reaction, and so her horror sparks a discussion with the relaxed Babe and the recently single Honey, ranging from complete condemnation to wholesale approval and asking questions about the ethics, types and possibilities of porn and its effects on people and society.

The show was created by Purple Soup Crew during lockdown when consumption and discussion of online porn was greatly increased. In many ways the characters of S-ex-ciety are really just mouthpieces for the different perspectives on the effects of porn, with some parts being even delivered straight to the audience. The characters are more defined by their perspectives than by any interior life, with repercussions being explained rather felt outside of the effective ending.

Picture: French Institute in Scotland Twitter

But the show still knows it’s a piece of entertainment. The balanced points of view raise questions to encourage the audience to think without forcing a specific condemnation onto them, and the characters offer humour (and even some singing) to balance things out. But the openness is not entirely successful. The ending works, but several of the questions before that feel like they could do with more development. The team are eager to meet, discuss and get feedback afterwards, so maybe an improved show is on its way. Or maybe the real show is what point of view you leave with.

S-ex-iety plays until August 27th (except 15th, and 23rd) at the French Institute in Scotland, and tickets can be found at

Reviewer: Oliver Giggins

Reviewed: 10th August 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★