Sunday, September 24

The Crisp Review: LIVE – King’s Arms

Having tickled audiences’ palates at last year’s Fringe, Adam Evans takes to the stage once more with a presentation packed to the rafters with all things crisp-related.

If the title doesn’t give his game away, Adam unapologetically spells it out: he reviews every variety of the potato snack imaginable with the aim of encouraging suppliers to send him free bags.

A high-and low-light reel of his videos offers a hilarious insight into the review process. Adam gives honest verdicts on crisps’ names, texture, flavour, and value, regaling everyone in the room with observant critiques.

In person, his nonchalance and cynicism allow him to deliver one satirical quip after another, but put-downs (almost entirely aimed at himself) tagged onto the end of them regularly get the biggest laughs.

When asking audience members about their favourite crisps, Adam’s casual passion comes to light as he shares profound thoughts on whatever is thrown his way, from Space Raiders to Prawn Cocktail Giant Wotsits.

Material retained from the original show is some of the funniest, and this updated version feels tighter. Though this reviewer experienced some of the gags twice, being among others experiencing them for the first time proved to be just as entertaining- a bit like showing one’s favourite TV comedy to somebody who hasn’t seen it before.

Another new sponsor provides an opportunity for Adam to review crisps in company. As the freebies are passed around, an interesting Q&A with one of the founders plays. Most of the content is viewed on a screen, but this is to be expected for a show based on a social media blog.

It would be favourable if all the clips played at the same level of volume, but such a minor sound issue does not distract from the piece.

Adam has nearly perfected the recipe: The Crisp Review is a seasoned treat!

More free crisps? Go on, then…

‘The Crisp Review: LIVE’ continues at The King’s Arms, Salford until 22nd July with tickets available from

Reviewer: Scot Cunningham

Reviewed: 21st July 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.