Saturday, April 13

The Comeback – Noël Coward Theatre

The Comeback is a funny behind the scenes look at two double acts on their journey to fame. One double act is the warm up and the other is the main act but they’re both relying on their old sketches to impress and raise their profile with the crowd and possible producers in the audience. The duo playing both acts are very likeable and have great chemistry on stage, resulting a really naturally flowing and funny performance with regular gags and well delivered sketches. Behind the laughs and sketches is an introspective crisis regarding the double acts considering how natural their act is and if they belong or qualify for a higher tier of performances and venues to escape their ‘dead end’ city.

It’s a narrative which a lot of people can connect to and engage with, both duos have lost faith in their act which is amplified by a long hiatus of not performing their tried and tested act. They seek to adapt but ultimately reach success and have their love of performing renewed. So, both of the comedy duos are framed as the underdog looking for their big break and willing to fight and even sabotage to get it. There are a lot of classical gags in the show, including a reworked Benny Hill running sequence; but with an original style and plenty of physical humour for people to enjoy. Both duos try and recapture the creative spark while reminding themselves that they’re natural performers and performing together is their main calling. As they feel out of touch with current trends and audiences, this performance is to connect to audiences, and this is a regular theme throughout the show which encourages a lot of audience participation and focused attention on the audience.

I would recommend seeing this show if you’re looking for regular laughs and a sincere but compelling narrative. This show has the most naturally funny comedy duo I have personally seen in a play or show; they have great chemistry, strong gags and a natural flow which is compelling and entertaining. Hopefully, they’ll Comeback with some more productions, I predict success and more laughs from this duo as they continue to create compelling plays with regular gags and laughter.

In regards of social distancing and Covid regulations, the show and theatre were great. Masks were encouraged to be worn throughout the show apart from when eating or drinking, then during crowd work and getting a volunteer to come on stage all of the guidelines were appropriately followed and enforced. I highly recommend seeing this show especially if you love comedy sketches and good storytelling.  

Scheduled to run until 3rd January 2021. Please check the theatre website for latest Covid-19 restrictions

Reviewer: Andrew Tubman

Reviewed: 13th December 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★