Saturday, April 13

Tell Me on a Sunday – The Lowry

Coming across an Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical which I’d never seen before was reason enough to see the new touring production of Tell Me On A Sunday at The Lowry Theatre…and seeing Jodie Prenger in the title role will be my reason to go back and see it again!

This one-act production features just one cast member (Prenger) and the concept was originally conceived for television being the very first collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black, away from Tim Rice, with this in mind it has a very different feel to other Lloyd Webber shows, but has more emotion!

It follows the young English girl; Emma and her romantic misadventures in New York in the heady days of the 1980’s with her search for love which sees her cross to Manhattan and California in search of love.

The difficulty with production that features just one cast member is that they have the incredibly difficult responsibility of one person holding the audience for its entirety, this was not a problem here.

Jodie Prenger is perfect in this role and as a audience member; you warm to her and her character almost immediately. Prenger is charismatic and believable in the role throughout, but her vocals are what makes this an unmissable show; each of the Webber & Black songs performed by Prenger back to back with no other dialogue as such – are delivered note-perfect with emotion and just the right amount of humour. It is mesmerising!

At times; watching Prenger; it’s like watching a masterclass in Musical Theatre!

Although I’d never seen this Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black musical before , I did recognise several of the songs performed by Prenger such as ‘Unexpected Song’ , ‘Tell Me On A Sunday’ and ‘Take That Look Off Your Face’ – all performed by Prenger backed by a wonderful 5 piece band which are situation behind the set.

This production by Paul Foster is made to feel more intimate; almost like a Fringe show in its delivery, with a simplistic backdrop of a Manhattan skyline and dressed with furniture of the character’s apartment. This production was one of the first to go back on a national tour following Covid restrictions easing and is one of the best productions to do so; being one act and having just one cast member; you can’t get more socially distanced than that.

In short; this production is a joyous evening with an extremely talented star; go see Prenger deliver her masterclass in Musical Theatre & Thank me later!

Verdict: Don’t wait till Sunday, book your tickets now!

Reviewer: Max Eden

Reviewed: 19th October 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★