Thursday, July 18

Tag: Tales and Whisky

<strong>Tam O’Shanter, Tales and Whisky – Traverse Theatre</strong>

Tam O’Shanter, Tales and Whisky – Traverse Theatre

One Burns Night, a group of friends gather around the soothing glow of a campfire in an Edinburgh forest, to tell stories and sing songs. On a chilly January afternoon, Traverse 2 is sold out as folks gather to celebrate the poetry and music of Scotland. The set, by Polly Morris, is cosy – a campfire, with logs for the performers to sit on, and the musicians at the back in amongst the spooky trees.  The lighting, by George Cort, creates a dappled forest floor effect.  When I came downstairs to go into the theatre, I briefly thought I had got lost, and that I was about to go outside.  Happily, the room is nice and warm, and not at all Januaryish in temperature. Some tickets include a complementary nip of whisky, which would further enhance the atmosphere, but sadly I’m dr...