Monday, May 29

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<strong>Singing with Friends – Rainhill Village Hall</strong>
North West

Singing with Friends – Rainhill Village Hall

A simple title yet, as director Paul Robinson says in his notes, full of meaning. This was so much more than a show: it was the history of a company that goes back over seventy years; it was the meaning of family that the company has come to embrace; it was the tale of putting on many a production; but most importantly it was the journey and story of many individuals whose combined whole is so much more than these words can do justice. A Broadway musical medley from the entire ensemble with live band accompaniment consisting of Paul Taft (guitar), Kevin Bates (bass) and Amy Gray (drums) led by musical director and maestro on the piano, Wayne Oakes, got the evening off with a bang, with Charlotte Orme injecting some real energy into Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Bet Davies’ pro...