Friday, July 19

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<strong>Men are Dogs – Cheadle Players</strong>
North West

Men are Dogs – Cheadle Players

Dr Cecelia Monahan is a New York relationship therapist with several relationship issues of her own. Her support group for divorced and single women provides the backdrop for much of the action in this 2003 play by Joe Simonelli, here being performed in the UK for the first time. The play provides an interesting – if slightly stereotyped – look at relationships of various types, and the ensemble cast perform it well. They get plenty of laughs, especially as the pace really picks up in Act 2. While I did find myself questioning – in 2022 – the need for a play that seems to emphasise that a woman’s happiness can only be found in a relationship, and specifically in a relationship with a man, I did enjoy the production. This has once again proven that the Cheadle Players Dramatic Society i...