Sunday, September 24

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<strong>Edinburgh Gang Show 2O22 – Festival Theatre</strong>

Edinburgh Gang Show 2O22 – Festival Theatre

The Edinburgh Gang Show is the annual Scouting and girl-guiding variety show of singing, music-playing, dancing and comedy, which has now been happening since 1932, though Edinburgh's first one was in 1960, with the girls first joining in 1967. Covid has affected the continuity of the Edinburgh Gang Show, and not just in the usual ways the arts and other sectors have seen. Three years are a great deal of time in terms of age groups: the usual five sixths of participants being veterans from previous years and one sixth newbies have been reversed, with 100 members being new and only 20 returning, and only 20% of the Junior gang having even seen a previous year's show. Reviewing the artistic endeavours of minors runs the risk of becoming a real-life, non-comedy version of Alfred Molina's ...