Thursday, July 25

Sister Act – Palace Theatre

Arriving at the bustling theatre, where red carpet welcomed many an actor from the phenomenon that was Coronation Street, the evening started with fans in awe, the atmosphere electric and everyone ‘giddy’ with excitement for the show ahead.

The Coronation Street actors had come along in their numbers to support their colleague the nominated favourite female soup star Sue Cleaver who for this epic show of female comradeship was playing the Mother Superior.

Many people may know the film of Whoopi Goldberg played the husky blues singer Deloris Van Cartier desperate to make it big but in falling for a married mobster ends up, after watching this crook Curtis murder a gang member, is on the run for her own life.

For this show, the threatened disco diva is played amazingly by Britain’s Got Talent contestant and West End star -Landi Oshinowo, who’s stage presence and awesome voice owned the stage throughout. In saving her life, the love- struck policeman Eddie played by the very talented Alfie Parker (wow! What a beautiful singing voice he had (my favourite of the whole show), puts Deloris in the witness protection programme and hides her in the nearby convent “Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow”. In joining the sister and nuns, there, a whole new adventure begins and in her own formidable way. Deloris brings heavenly joy to the angst nuns of this formidable house of God.

The nuns, who in their choir adopt their fellow nun Sister Mary Clarence as their conductor, learn through the power of music, to enjoy and embrace their lives again, regain passion and a “raison d’etre” once more much to the mother superior’s displeasure. The nun’s journey on this path of euphoria is filled with superb music (conducted brilliantly by Tom Slade), great dance routines (great choreography by Alistair David), fabulous songs (by the talented Alan Menken/Glenn Slater) stunning voices by one and all, and moments of sheer joy. Alfie Parker’s scene “I could be that guy” was a showstopper, as was the hilarious “The lady in the long black dress” played with superb talent by the three crooks TJ (Elliot Gooch), Pablo (Michaolis Antoniou) and Joey (Callum Martin), and the impeccable nun’s ensemble number “Sundy Morning Fever.” 

Deloris is of course returned to her rightful place as a singer, The mother superior falls under the spell of the enigmatic singer and a friendship blossoms, the baddies are jailed, the convent saved, and true love reciprocated for Eddie, and a wonderful happy ending is had by all. Making every single member in the audience stand up cheering with joy.

Every song was sung perfectly, every funny line delivered superbly, every step faultless, it was a joy to behold from start to finish. The performance was a non-stop journey of love, laughter and friendship. the nuns each and every one gave the performance of their lives (although sister Mary Patrick’s enormous presence played by the delightful Isabel Canning mesmerised me throughout the show).

Every single person on that stage should be so proud of their performance on that stage tonight although the show was delayed by 30 minutes the audience loved every minute. Sue Cleaver made a great return to the stage in the city where Coronation Street is portrayed, and she made her adoring fans proud.

This is a show that will make you laugh, sing and feel blessed! Go and see it for yourselves. 

Playing until 30th March,

Reviewer: Jan Mellor

Reviewed: 18th March 2024

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.