Thursday, September 21

Shamilton – Assembly George Square Studios

This was – Over the Line!

Discriminatory, controversial, anti-Semitic.

As a man (can I say that?), who lives with a Jewish lady, who’s business partner is Jewish and has many Jewish friends, you cannot say what you said today.

You know the line! You know the line; the line that draws a gasp, a shriek, a howl. The line that after a while as a performer you become addicted to. The line that asks, can I go bigger, can I get closer, can I go over the line?

Because crossing the line is what this show does, and what the crowd are baying to see and hear, nay demanding. But for how much longer?

The blurb says, Baby Wants Candy’s hip-hop Hamilton homage returns! Following sold-out runs in Chicago, NYC and LA. Expect to be wowed by an epic improvised musical based on historical figures/celebrities you choose (todays ingredients were, Indiana Jones, Napoleon and Darth Vader).

The blurb says, ‘Just like Hamilton but (ahem) better!’ Ahem, no.

You’re just not that funny.

If you want to look into a sewer and laugh, be my guest, but you may have to wait in line. It’s a popular show.

Don’t take your mother. Especially if she is Jewish.

Running time – 1 Hr

Reviewer: Greg Holstead

Reviewed: 6th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 1 out of 5.