Thursday, July 7

Ramin Karimloo Live at The London Coliseum

Whilst there is uncertainty of when we can view Live theatre in person. It’s events that are put on by stream theatre that really help us get through this challenging time. Prior to the show starting I must say it was a huge headache trying to log in to see the stream. Maybe this should be looked at if more shows are to be added.

On to the concert itself. Ramin Karimloo is a giant in the world of musical theatre both on Broadway and in the west end. His debut was Les Misérables and in the show speaks of how great full he was to have this show in his life. He has always been a fan of the show and to have played Jean Valjean was an honour. If you haven’t seen him in shows such as Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera and Murder Ballad. You may recognise him on Tv Medical Drama Holby City and Dr Kian Madani.  In this show he opened up about his life in Toronto how great full he is to have been with family in England during lockdown. Whilst he was glad to be performing again, he said it felt eerie being in a empty theatre.

His set was a mix of show tunes as well as songs from his albums. The show was approximately 60 mins long. Personally I hope theatre comes back for a live experience in person. However, I do see the appeal of watching it at home as well. I think it could be good to live stream shows while there is a reduced audience. It’s not everyday you can see live theatre eating a chippy tea lying on the sofa. Both have their appealing qualities.

Ramin’s voice was powerful and full of emotion as he effortlessly hit notes in the songs that many would dream to hit me included. If you haven’t seen Ramin live both in person or online I strongly urge you do so. Even download his albums it’s a great way to escape real life for a few blissful moments as I have done this morning. Ramin and his band left the (online) audience wanting more as he had a plethora of songs unused in the show.

If you missed the show fear not it is back in December for one night only as are the other live concerts from artists such as Carrie Hope Fletcher and Kerry Ellis to name but a few.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 23rd October 2020

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★