Wednesday, July 6

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside – Brighton Fringe

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside, performed by Ebony Rose Dark, is a beautiful piece of physical theatre, exploring accessibility and what it means to see and be seen. Audio described by Dark and Benjamin Redgrove throughout, with captions and BSL interpretation by Radha Starr, this is an audio and visual treat.

The show combines beautiful shots of the sea and beach in Cyprus with a bland, empty London flat, with peeling paint and dull grey floors. Dark enters in a striking purple gown carrying their white cane explaining how as a visually impaired performer, they are going to map the space, which is a technique used by some visually impaired performers.

They beautifully show how they need to navigate obstacles, such as the pillars in the room, and how their actions are influenced by the presence of these obstacles. Reminding us that not all accessibility needs are the same, Dark’s movements and descriptions are brilliantly done and create a real sense of the space that they are in.

Their graceful movements after the space is fully mapped, gives a sense that they are part of the lovely outdoor background. Big movements make them a part of nature and small, subtle actions create a sense of oneness as they, through physicality and dialogue, truly bring the outdoors, indoors.

The obstacles in the room soon blend into the natural background and as the sun sets, a sense of peace and calm falls over you.  

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside, is a delicate and powerful physical performance, which radiates serenity and oneness with the natural world. Brilliantly performed, this is a lovely piece of online theatre.

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside is being streamed by Brighton Fringe until 27th June 2021. Tickets are available here  

Reviewer: Donna M Day

Reviewed: 4th June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★

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