Tuesday, July 5

Paperwork Theatre are back with Deep Blue

She is caught between two worlds, Above and Below the water.

Riley’s at that in-between age where you can still carry off a crop top yet a whole bottle of wine has serious consequences the next morning. The parks are full of families, the pubs are full of mates but it’s only in Tesco that Riley can be whoever she wants to be. Back home, David Attenborough floods her flat with the story of the world’s loneliness whale. She understands its low, mournful sound – it too is lost at sea.

Deep Blue is a heartfelt, sometimes humorous and raw exploration of what it means to belong, punctuated by an original indie-rock soundtrack.

There are over 7.7million people living alone in the UK, Deep Blue shines a light on the importance of human connection.

“Lights flicker and glow, it might be the lights of the city or it might be the hundreds of connections we make every day”

Written by Hayley Greggs, directed by Nicole Behan and featuring original music by The Mono LPs

The ensemble cast features Danielle McLauren, Tom Wilson, Edalia Day and Holly Phelps

Recommended for ages 12+

Contains mild swearing and flashing lights

Online performance Saturday 8th – Saturday 15th May

Tickets available at: www.paperworktheatre.co.uk/deep-blue/

Paperwork Theatre

Paperwork Theatre are a Liverpool based company who create bold theatre and events which are joyful, playful and full of human experience. We stage work in traditional theatres, unusual places, and community owned spaces. We are theatre makers, dedicated to living, working and creating in the North West where we champion artistic excellence whilst maintaining a national outlook.

We are bold in the stories we tell and collaborative in our practice.

We’re committed to delivering community based arts activities alongside our productions; we are currently running a weekly community theatre project for women in Liverpool age 25+ to reduce loneliness and isolation through creativity. The group of 15 meet every Tuesday 12-1pm on Zoom.

“We wanted to create Deep Blue in response to the loneliness epidemic and we were all set to produce the show in July 2020 but lockdown meant we had to put those plans on hold. We’ve always felt that this was an important story to tell but after the past year, we feel that a story about our instinctive need for human connection is more important than ever!”