Tuesday, March 5

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Whatever Happened to Billy Kenny? – Liverpool Theatre Festival

The 2023 Liverpool Theatre Festival once again sees writer, Ian Salmon and director, Mikee Dickinson united for another poignant and emotional piece about the complexities of life and regret. Whatever Happened to Billy Kenny? is a one-man show performed by Jay Johnson which rockets at breakneck speed through the short and dramatic career of an […]

What the Dog Said to the Harvest – Unity Theatre

What the Dog Said to the Harvest is an immersive multi-disciplinary exploration of climate change, presented as part of the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival. Combining song, dance, film and spoken word, the show is a fresh interpretation of the often-explored theme of climate change. On entering the theatre, various footage relating to climate change is […]

Making it Up (One Playwright to Another) – Greater Manchester Fringe Digital

Making it Up (One Playwright to Another) is a touching tribute to the theatre industry and renowned playwright, Edward Albee. Written and performed by Norm Reynolds, the show was filmed for online streaming by John Bertram at the Red Sandcastle Theatre, Toronto. Director, Lesley Ballantyne has brought out the best in Reynolds and made this […]

Choosh – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

People often say they’re scared of clowns. What they usually mean is they’re scared of a thick layer of white greasepaint covering a face with a red nose and overexaggerated red mouth sitting beneath a green wig. Julia Masli is not that type of clown and Choosh, part of Physical Fest 2023, is like nothing […]

Sixteen Swans – Liverpool Philharmonic

Sixteen Swans was a collection of dramatic and enchanting music, which created a wonderful evening of high emotion played by very talented musicians. Conducted by Roderick Cox, this combination of Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius is a powerful combination which mesmerised and enthralled the captive audience. The dramatic opening of Strauss’ Don Juan with powerful percussion […]

Triominos! – Liverpool Philharmonic

Triominos! was a collection of piano, clarinet and bassoon trio music, spanning offerings from nineteenth century Ukraine to twentieth century Argentina. The first half featured a trio by Carl Frühling and a world premiere from Liverpool based composer, David Forshaw, and the second half was made up of a selection of Mendelssohn’s Songs without Words […]

Punch – Hope Street Theatre

Punch, written and produced by Steve Bird, and directed by Elaine Louise Stewart and Bird, is a drama uncovering what happens when two families collide in a shock tragedy that will change their lives forever. Aiming to raise awareness of death and catastrophic injury from single punch injuries, the play uncovers a single example of […]

Mozart’s Double Concerto – Liverpool Philharmonic

Mozart’s Double Concerto, performed by pianists Katia and Marielle Labéque, accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Karel Deseure, is preceded by Dvořák’s The Wood Dove and followed by Prokofiev’s Symphony No.3 to create a magical and dramatic afternoon of music. The opening of The Wood Dove features a lovely contrast of heavy […]

The Incident Room, Black-E, Liverpool

Old Fruit Jar Productions’ performance of The Incident Room, directed by Alex Carr, is an intense and thought-provoking look into the police investigation into the crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper. The tragic events surrounding these violent offences and their massive impact on the people of Yorkshire are distilled into one tiny room in Millgarth Police […]

Your Body is a Wasteland – Brighton Fringe Online

Your Body is a Wasteland, is a multi-media online experience being released daily-ish. Written by Emma Maguire, this is a unique and thought-provoking journey into life with chronic illness and its life changing impact on everything that you do. Featuring a combination of video, text extracts, images and audio recordings, the piece takes full advantage […]