Friday, June 18

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Sleeping Beauties – Brighton Fringe

The Storytelling Choir’s Sleeping Beauties is a magical combination of song, storytelling and stunning visuals, which brings new life to an old tale by going back to its ancient roots embracing all corners of the world. The Storytelling Choir question why fairy tales have been reduced to one, accepted version, and aim to bring storytelling […]

The Great Gatsby – Brighton Fringe

The Wardrobe Ensemble’s The Great Gatsby, directed by Tom Brennan with assistance from Frazer Meakin, is a unique reimagining of Fitzgerald’s Great American Novel. A two woman show, performed by Tamsin Hurtado Clarke and Jesse Meadows, this brilliant reinterpretation blends the 1920s story with modern themes and references to create a special and entertaining piece […]

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside – Brighton Fringe

Perspectives on Visibility: Outside Inside, performed by Ebony Rose Dark, is a beautiful piece of physical theatre, exploring accessibility and what it means to see and be seen. Audio described by Dark and Benjamin Redgrove throughout, with captions and BSL interpretation by Radha Starr, this is an audio and visual treat. The show combines beautiful […]

Jerk – Brighton Fringe

Mudlarks Theatre’s Jerk, written by Nick Edgeworth, is the story of Ivan the Id (Nick Edgeworth), Ellen the Ego (Harley Truslove) and Simon the Superego (Ryan Harris), and their lives managing the actions of the young man whose brain they control. When they are born, it is just Ivan, on his own, in a want, […]

Play Up from Lantern Writers – St Lukes Bombed Out Church

It was a subdued Light Night Festival in Liverpool this year due to several days of constant downpour and the slow and cumbersome emergence from lockdown restrictions. Lantern Writers (a Liverpool-based playwright collective) staged eight short plays early evening at a small outdoor area in front of a small but hardy audience accommodated under a […]

Short But Sweet: Zoom Edition Liverpool Network Theatre Group

Liverpool Network Theatre, a company of non-professional local creatives, share five short plays in their first Zoom live-stream. In Private Number, written by Steve Bird, William (PJ Murray) and Judy (Liana Jane Bourne) have an awkward first date, but events conspire against them. Although the ending was weak and the premise a little unconvincing, the […]

Talking Gods V: Icarus – Arrows and Traps Theatre

The final episode of Talking Gods from Arrows & Traps Theatre, tells the story of Icarus, his father and the deep, dark secret which haunted his life. Written and directed by Ross McGregor, this is story family, and what happens when something alters your view of your closest relatives. Icarus (Adam Elliott) is a well-spoken […]

Talking Gods IV: Aphrodite – Arrows & Traps Theatre

The penultimate episode of Talking Gods from Arrows & Traps Theatre, tells the story of Aphrodite, her marriage to Hephaestus and affair with Ares. Written and directed by Ross McGregor, this is a harrowing story of love, war and everything in between. Aphrodite (Benjamin Garrison) is the Goddess of Love and has very little patience […]

Talking Gods III: Pygmalion – Arrows & Traps Theatre

The third episode of Talking Gods from Arrows & Traps Theatre, tells the story of Pygmalion. Written and directed by Ross McGregor, this is a modern retelling of the story of a man who falls in love with his own creation. Pygmalion (Edward Spence) is a reclusive, award-winning game designer, who spends most of his […]