Tuesday, January 31

Noir Goes Stateside!

After a successful streaming run in the UK and Europe, the new play NOIR inspired by 40s and 50s black and white movies, will finally be available in America and the rest of the world as it joins the fantastic theatre streaming site OVERTURE+.

Produced by the award-winning UK theatre company Vertigo Theatre Productions, NOIR tells the story of Veronica Smart (Emma Morgan), a beautiful 40-year-old woman with dreams of stardom and a 16-year marriage to Cliff Smart (John Tueart), a successful New York businessman.  Now bored with life and the marriage decaying, she wants out, and she will do anything to make that happen. Meeting a group of teenagers at the local school where she works, including the rebellious but broken Jimmy Flynn (Richard Allen), sets in motion a plan that will include seduction, passion, lies, manipulation and murder.

Noir was captured on film during the global pandemic that caused theatres to close for 17 months. The show was due on stage in front of a live audience, but with that ruled out, Vertigo and the team gathered safely for a week to bring NOIR to the screen.

Filmed on only three camera phones by the producer and director (to keep numbers in the venue down), who had never shot or edited a film of any kind before, this was a true labour of love, a way to keep theatre alive and deliver it to a home audience.

This is a ‘stylish and stunning’ black and white capture of NOIR that is sure to take you back in time to a world of hardened detectives, burning desires, teen angst, lust, murder and a deadly femme fatale.

Written and directed by multi award winning Craig Hepworth (Porno Chic, Fake News, Last Dance, Exam) Noir will bring the world of black and white movies and pulp detective novels to the stage.

Welcome to the world of NOIR.

NOIR will be available to stream from September 4th to December 4th, 2021. Simply click the link below to book your ticket today. https://overture.plus/patron/Vertigo-Theatre-Productions


Emma Morgan as Veronica Smart

Richard Allen as Jimmy Flynn

John Tueart as Cliff Smart

Anna Hickling as Vivian Pierce

Joe Slack as Riff Randall

Steve Connolly as Det Sal Pelletier

Rebecca – Clare Evans as Jean Pierce

Luke Richards as Harvey Flynn

Jade Shaw as Lana, Betty and Clara


GFOUR Productions and Surfcode Technologies launched OVERTURE+, a streaming platform and content sharing network focused on collaborative content sharing between performing arts producers and presenters.

Created in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and subsequent theatre industry shutdown, OVERTURE+ allows content creators to share their performances with participating presenters who can curate a digital season featuring professional productions from around the world.