Thursday, February 29

New Vic Theatre revives cult classic The Killing of Sister George

New Vic Theatre and physical theatre company Told By An Idiot have joined forces for a rare revival of sixties cult classic The Killing of Sister George.

The Newcastle-Under-Lyme theatres in the round space is perfect for the acerbic comedy drama by Frank Marcus observing the life of June Buckeridge, who plays the role of kindly district nurse Sister George in fictitious radio soap opera ‘Applehurst’.

In reality June is a swaggering foul-mouthed loose cannon whose career and lifestyle is under threat. Set during the 1960s, the play explores the volatile relationship between June and her partner Alice, and the effect the demise of her fictional character has on her.  

Famously adapted into a dark cult film in 1968 starring Beryl Reid, the play incorporates wicked humour with moments of surprising tenderness, and what happens when the world decides a woman is past her ‘sell by date’.

“At Told by an Idiot we have always been fascinated by inhabiting the space between laughter and pain, and always searched for the snarl beneath the grin,” says Told by an Idiot Artistic Director Paul Hunter, who is also directing.

“When we find ourselves drawn to a script it is often because we are looking for work that puts the audience in a place where they don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This was my reaction when out of curiosity I stumbled across this acclaimed 1960’s play, and I’m really looking forward to reimagining it with a fantastic cast in the Idiots 30th anniversary year”. 

The Killing of Sister George features Told by an Idiot co-founder and award-winning actor Hayley Carmichael as June Buckeridge, Ada Player as Alice “Childie” McNaught; Patrycja Kujawska playing Mercy Croft and Rina Fatania as June’s neighbour, Madame Xenia.

The Killing of Sister George is at the New Vic from Friday 21st April to Saturday 13th May 2023. For more information visit