Thursday, September 21

Murder She Didn’t Write – Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance One

Have you ever fancied watching a murder mystery where even the murderer doesn’t know its them until halfway through the show? Well then, this murder mystery improvised phenomena may just be right what you’re looking for.

Taking all the classic elements of a typical ‘who done it’ murder mystery but shaking it up with the plot, characters and murder weapon being decided upon by the audience right at the start of the show. It’s a wonder how the Degrees Of Error theatre company manage to come up with a fully-fledged play that still leaves it’s audience gasping with shock when the truth is revealed.

With the events of the play being decided upon during the show I feel no fear in revealing the plot of our performance:  Donald Trump’s trial and the tiny shark. To even shape such a thing into a murder mystery plot with a few weeks planning would be impressive, but to fashion a whole show out of it within moments, these really are some brilliant professional improvisers. I can’t even imagine what other crazy suggestions the team will roll with throughout the rest of the Fringe.

As with any Improvised show you cannot expect to walk in and see a seamless performance from start to finish but I do believe this is as close as one can get with improvised comedy, especially without feeling like you’ve been duped, and the show had been pre-scripted beforehand like other “improvised” productions I have seen in the past.

Find yourself welcomed into the show by a wonderful French (*wink wink*) detective and watch the chaos unravel as the cast take you on an unexpected and hilarious journey where the victim isn’t the only one to be found corpsing. You are going feel like you’ve done a work out after all the belly laughs.

Murder She Didn’t Write plays at Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance One from 04th till 28th August everyday at 14:40. Tickets can be purchased at

Find them on twitter at @DegreesOfError

Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewed: 4th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.