Friday, January 27

Making It – Royal Court Studio

Last night was rather exciting when I took a trip to Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre, as this time I was in their studio, watching their latest production called Making It. Penned by Stephen Fletcher writer of Mam I’m Ere and Catherine Rice a Liverpool based writer and Comedienne with additional material by Andrew Schofield. Known for playing many shows at the Royal Court as well as being the narrator in Blood Brothers back in 1983.

The story is about our Bev (Catherine Rice) as she tells us about her acting career. She is currently waiting for her agent to call, to say she has the role in the film but until then she was singing in the local club. Bev opened up about how she had agents who were not quite legitimate. Also, a photographer who took loads of photos of her to be used to said to agents and casting directors, but the dodgy photographer never took any that had her face on. On stage we saw Andrew Schofield play a plethora of characters each more hilarious than the previous, not just because of the wig changes.

This show contained nonstop comedy timing with perfectly timed jokes and anecdotes. It was like we were having a conversation with Bev because she included us in the piece and made sure that we felt welcome. It’s fair to say that we all have an idea of what the term ‘Making It’ is. For most people their idea of making it is to star in films, Hollywood and the West End. But it isn’t always that, making it can just be doing something you love and doing it well. This show really hones that message in with its touching dialogue. As an actor myself I often questioned whether I would make it? I sat on the bus and thought about the jobs I have done in the past. Something I don’t do often, and I feel that I have made it. Because I’m doing what I love and entertaining audiences. It’s hard to know that sometimes because we are all forever chasing the dream to ‘Make it’ I really hope this show comes back and even tour because many would benefit from this laugh out loud and poignant piece of theatre cleverly devised from Liverpool greats.

We don’t need Hollywood or the West End because we are Liverpool as Bev says we have our own little world right here. In Liverpool.

I love watching Andrew Schofield work as you know you’re in for a treat and somebody I’d love to work with. For me I would have definitely made it. Go and see this show.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 22nd April 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★