Tuesday, November 28

Macca & Beth – Liverpool’s Royal Court

The Liverpool Royal Court Theatre took us on a trip to bonnie Scotland last night as Macca took his partner Beth to an old house up in the highlands full of secret passageways and mystery. Beth couldn’t believe her luck. Why on earth would Macca bring her to such a place, a place that had no Signal, running water or a toilet. But there was a valid reason. Macca had just been told that he was the last of the McMaccamac’s due to his Uncle McMaccamac’s death. He had to keep it a secret and pass a series of tests before he was to know what was left to him within his late uncles last will in testament.

One of the tests being spending a night in the house. There were lots of weird and wonderful creatures within this house and I don’t just mean the taxidermy. Trouble was afoot in the Scottish Highlands as there was an escaped schizophrenic prisoner wondering the snowy blizzard and high Scottish mountains.

This show had laughs and many tricks up its sleeve. Emma Bispham who played Beth, was ready with her quick-fire timing which received plentiful laughs from the adoring audience patrons of the royal court. Macca who was played by Danny O’Brian had the audience in the palm of his hands especially with his card tricks.

Photo: Jason Roberts

If I see Angus (Gordon Kane) Morag (Andrea Miller) in a dark alley I’m turning round because they scared me and not just with their shotgun.

All in all, it’s a good show and has so much potential. It did remind me of a live action Scooby Doo in parts. I would see this again, but I feel it does need some more work as I felt it began to tail off towards the latter half of the second act. I will say I do hope Jamie Smelt comes back as a panto villain cause if he told me today it was Christmas, I’d believe him.

This show has heart, laughs and a bit of mystery. It is worth a watch like all shows at the royal court. I love supporting local talent.

Macca & Beth continues until 28th May, https://liverpoolsroyalcourt.com/whats-on/macca-beth/

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 4th May 2022

North West End UK Rating: ★★★