Monday, November 28

Greater Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe are back!

As the arts continues to return to what we used to call normal, we are starting to look ahead to both Greater Manchester and Edinburgh’s Fringe festivals. North West End UK has been supporting GM Fringe since our creation in 2014 and Edinburgh Fringe since 2018 following our expansion, and we are looking forward to the biggest year yet at both festivals.

We are currently busy recruiting reviewing teams at both locations and look forward to having the largest number of reviewers onboard prior to the opening of each festival. If you know of anyone interested in joining our team for either just the festival or all year round reviewing, please ask them to contact the relevant email address below.

GM Fringe runs from the 1st – 31st July and Edinburgh returns from the 5th – 29th August. We are now inviting productions performing at both events to send us your review requests as soon as possible in order for us to start planning our coverage. We accept we may not be able to cover every show that requests a review (over 2000 shows in Edinburgh have already been announced) but we will get to as many as we possibly can.

All our reviews are published within 24 hours of seeing the production on our website and shared via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We also operate a star rating system (1-5) for all shows seen. We are also registered OffComm assessors and will be nominating all shows which meet the criteria set out by OffComm.

If you have a show you would like to invite us to review, please contact us as early as possible via the relevant email addresses listed below. Please remember the later requests are sent the smaller the chance we will be able to attend. Please include your production name, venue and date of press performance when contacting us. It is also helpful if you can attach a press release to your email as we will be running previews of selected productions in the run up to each festival on our website. If and when we have a reviewer available, we will reply to your request to confirm our attendance.

We can’t wait to immerse ourselves once again into Fringe season and wish each and every production the best of luck and every success.

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