Thursday, September 28

Little Ward of Horrors – The Space @ Surgeons Hall

The idea of Little Ward of Horrors sounds brilliant: a sketch show led by health care students regarding working in the medical field and NHS. Mix in some Little Shop of Horrors songs with the lyrics swapped out to fit the theme and you’ve got yourself the potential for a very funny show.

It’s not to say that this humour was not delivered, after all the team had some very funny moments but unfortunately the show did not quite live up to its full potential.

The musical side of things really could have worked, there’s some fantastically changed lyrics in there that fit the theme brilliantly, but the delivery of the numbers felt full of nerves and in need of some more showmanship. Other than the members of the team who were playing the live music (very impressively may I add) the musical numbers just felt a bit awkward.

The sketches themselves varied between funny and just a little cringe. When the team stuck to medical related jokes/ sketches it really worked, especially how relevant some of the scenes where in regard to the recent treatment of the NHS and how difficult patients can be. This being said the jokes start to stray from the theme of the show becoming more random and less amusing.

This show really does have some funny elements and so much potential, it just needs some serious polishing and reworking. Much respect to the team however who put the show together in just one week of rehearsals, I’m sure with time this could be a very good and funny show.

Little Ward of Horrors plays from 10th August until the 12th August at 19:45 at The Space@ Surgeons Hall.

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Reviewer: Beth Eltringham

Reviewed: 9th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.