Sunday, June 16

Labyrinth – Brighton Fringe

This fierce and vibrant feminist monologue written by Mancho Rodriguez and performed by Marta Carvalho is an interesting and quite ambiguous piece of work.

The narrator says at the very outset says that she “has killed a man – killed love” but as this unremitting and intense monologue develops we begin to realise that the woman has found herself in a labyrinth of reality and illusion brought on by her own vulnerability and emotional state.

Carvalho gives a passionately physical and overpowering performance throughout and she is well served by Mark C Hewitt’s English translation of the original script by Rodriguez.

The monologue itself is set in the theatre of expressionism and may not suit everyone’s taste with its intensity and bleakness; also at a running time of nearly an hour, it can be quite heavy going but there is no denying Carvalho’s extraordinary performance as a woman who is trying to find her own truth.

The set design is simple but effective and the use of sound and lighting by Ally Brett really helps achieve an almost claustrophobic feel to the production. The music score by Narcis Fernandes was not overly intrusive and blended well in the background.

This is a piece of performance art that really demands your attention with references to mental health and personal identity running through it – it’s not an easy watch but it speaks from the heart and Carvalho really does command the stage throughout.

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Reviewer: Kiefer Williams

Reviewed: 18th June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★