Thursday, February 29

Electric Dreams – Norton Priory Museum

Imagine this setting, your sat on a garden chair eating a picnic and you pop open the champagne. As you relax the sun sets in front of you and the odd plane flies past above your head. You can’t help but fall in love with the relaxing setting. It was a perfect evening to watch the opening night of Electric Dreams a musical adaption of Midsummer Nights Dream (by William Shakespeare) at Norton Priory Museum and Gardens. In a creative partnership with A Place for us.

A short synopsis in case you don’t know, Its Midsummer Night in 1980s Athens, four young lovers and a group of workmen ‘wannabe’ actors find themselves entranced and entrapped in an enchanted forest where Rock Diva Fairies rule and a mischievous sprite is hell bent on causing havoc…what could possibly go wrong?

The show was full of music from the 80s. Hits like It’s Raining Men, Sweet Dreams and many more. The company had 2 actors from the West End they were Zoe Curlett and Keiron Crook as the warring Queen and King of the Fairies. Although upon watching the performance they could all be in any west end show tonight and be just as good if not better than those currently there. What was mind blowing was that this was all learned and directed in 10 days. It takes me that long to learn one monologue from Shakespeare. The future of the arts is bright with this cast.

If you want to see some amazing theatre in a relaxing picturesque setting under the sunset whilst singing, dancing and clapping to some 80s bangers this show is for you. Live theatre is officially back and back with a huge bang!

I wish this was on longer so I could come back to see it. I hope we see more from this company at this venue 

The show is getting a big 5 stars from me.

Playing until 19th June

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 17th June 2021

North West End UK Rating: ★★★★★