Sunday, September 24

Kokoon – Assembly Checkpoint

Even if you have not listened to K-Pop before, you have no idea who Black Pink or BTS are, or the only K-Pop you know is Gangnam Style, I would still urge you to go and see Kokoon. This show was an absolute riot from start to finish. Before the show even starts, you’re sitting listening to this fast-paced thumping track on loop while a video introducing the five K-Pop stars plays. By this point you know what you’re in for.

The Group has 5 members, each one a very energetic and extremely entertaining performer to watch. They are Jaemin, Joowon, Sae-Am, Shuya, and Wonki, every one of them a great personality and having a distinct place within the group. Wonki for example is an absolutely incredible beatboxer. Despite being one of a group of five he can still hold the entire stage by himself while he beatboxes a medley songs, even mimicking turning the volume up and down on himself. He’s also the main comedic one out of the bunch, as this show isn’t just a concert, they also create some excellent comedy within the songs and a few skits here and there.

They do a great acapella cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens, and they invite an audience member up to help them out which is an absolute joy to watch. But the show is nothing without the big bombastic song and dance numbers. My favourite number happened to be their original song, “What?”, that thumping beat they pumped into the room before the show. The song itself is a great upbeat tune, but coupled with the choreography that just oozed charisma and energy made it a whole feast for the senses.

These are five very highly skilled and very funny people who come together to deliver a fantastic show. The show also just had this nice, very wholesome atmosphere too that felt very welcoming and inviting to us in the audience. And of course, yes, they do a cover of Gangnam style.

Kokoon is showing at Assembly Checkpoint from August 7-8th, and August 10th-13th. Grab your seats at

Check them out on Instagram at kokoon_official, or on X @OfficialKokoon

Reviewer: Euan Huth

Reviewed: 6th August 2023

North West End UK Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.